Noble Activities: Major Projects Under the Guidance of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin

Although the Sakya Centre has done its best to provide for all aspects of the life of the monks including food, clothing and shelter, the limited premises impose many restrictions. There is an acute shortage of space for further expansion and development. Its close proximity to the nearby town of Rajpur is also a disadvantage for the monks who need a quiet environment for study and contemplation.

In order to accommodate the ever-growing number of new applicants into the monastic life as well as ot ensure a good education, we have proposed starting a separate monastic school to train young novice monks. The new school would greatly relieve the mounting pressure on Sakya Centre. His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin has initiated this new academy and I have assumed responsibility for realizing this project.

The Objectives

The principle aim of Sakya Academy is to impart the young novices with a Buddhist education and the preservation of Buddhist teachings. Another aim is to keep alive the unique teachings and tradition of the Sakyapa masters. The Academy will also provide a modern education to help the students to relate to the outside world and make sure that their Buddhist learning is relevant to it. Upon completion, the Academy will have facilities such as a a library housing Buddhist canons, modern works of literature and the sciences, fully equipped science laboratories, sports facilities and computer equipment: all intended to assist in helping young minds grow and gain an educated understanding of the sciences, geography and the world.

The Project

The proposed site of the project is 7 km. from Dehra Dun city, and situated in about 23 acres of peaceful and secluded land. With very few local inhabitants, the area offers a conducive atmosphere for a modern education together with practice of profound teachings.

The project aims to accommodate and train 500 monks, but the initial target will be 125 residential students. The projected cost of the construction and furnishing of the Sakya Academy is approximately around 13 crore Indian rupees. An additional corpus sum of the same amount will be sought to run and maintain the school facility exclusively. The annual interest of the stipulated fund would ensure the daily running of the school without disruption.

For More Information and To Help

Please click here to visit the Academy page of the Sakya Centre website for more information and to help with this activity by His Holiness the Sakya Trizin.

by: H.E. Khondrung Gyana Vajra Rinpoche
source: Palden Sakya News Magazine

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