Noble Activities: Major Projects Under the Guidance of His Holiness the Sakya Trizin
"We at the Sakya Ga-Dh e Hospital aim to provide affordable healthcare to the best of our abilities and resources, to each and everyone who approaches us regardless of their race, or religion, their social or financial status." -from the Mission Statement of Sakya Ga-Deh Hospital

Sakya Ga-Dhe hospital is a nonprofit charitable hospital dedicated to providing affordable medical care to the poor and needy Tibetan refugees and the local Indian population of the region. The hospital is managed and run by the Sakya Centre Society which is a registered charity.

Since its inception in 2000, the hospital has treated more than 40,000 patients in a short span of less than four years. As envisaged in its objective, the hospital seeks to provide good medical care and services to those who cannot afford the expensive private clinics and hospitals. The hospital is steadily growing and more facilities are being added from time to time. The hospital is open for 24 hours a day and it has five doctors, six nurses and two technicians. The hospital is committed to further improve its facilities and services so that the poor and needy can benefit the most.

Efforts are being made to provide an operation theatre and a doctors and nurses hostel for better functioning of the hospital. Residential facilities for doctors and nurses will be an added incentive to hire the best doctors and nurses for the hospital. It will also give an added advantage to the hospital as most of the doctors and nurses will be available at any time, especially during emergencies.

Examples of Typical Services Provided by the Hospital Staff to the Community

*Organized a Polio Drop Drive where children were given 2 drops of the Oral Polio Vaccine. Since this is a Government of India project, we asked for free posters and banners to advertise this and also asked for the drops. Over 100 young children came to our hospital to receive these medicines. The children were also given some candy / snacks.

*Organized a Free Dental Check-up and Awareness Program. This program was advertised by distributing 600 pamphlets in the newspaper around the Rajpur area, and 400 pamphlets in the Hospital and elsewhere. Despite the bad weather on this day, over 50 people turned up. While people registered their names, and waited for the dentist to look at their teeth, they watched 2 educational programs on TV about dental and oral hygiene. Our dentist lent these videos to us and they were very interested in these videos! The people that needed medication were given free medicines and provided by a medicine company. The medicines ranged from painkillers to mouthwash. Also, people from the camp who returned to our Hospital for their dental treatment were given a discount.

*Started a regular 'check-up' of the 116 small monks at the monastery. Following a list of names, every afternoon some small monks come to the hospital to be checked up and questioned thoroughly by the doctor about their health and physical conditions. Nurses clean and dress any sores they have. Baths are given to all of them at our hospital, also following a roster. Recently we also bought undergarments and shoes for the monks who did not have a change of clothing, or another pair of shoes so that we can distribute these items after we have bathed them at the hospital. While this 'project' has yet to take wings in earnest, we sincerely hope it will considering the propensities of the young monks to gather dirt and sores!

How You Can Become Involved and Help

Please visit the Sakya Centre website Hospital page to find out how you can help by donating materials and supplies or funding projects on any level possible. The need is extensive, as is the opportunity to benefit many! A generous offering at even the smallest level can change lives.

source: Palden Sakya News Magazine

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